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antAnts live in large colonies underground and can quickly become a major nuisance when they invade your home.

What do ants look like?

Ants range in color from red or brown to black and vary in size. They are easily identifiable by their elbowed antennae and pinched waists.

Nuisance or danger?

Most ants are primarily pests invading spaces with sources of food, like kitchens and pantries. Carpenter ants are different, though. They attack wood that can lead to severe structural damage.

Why do I have them?

Ants prefer the outdoors and generally only come indoors when foraging for food. Carpenter ants tend to nest in deteriorating wood before moving to less damaged wood.

How do I know if I have carpenter ants?

A carpenter ant presence or damage may present in the following ways.

What should I do if I have ants?

The first step to ridding your home of ants is removing their food source. If you have a large number of ants in your home or if you suspect you have carpenter ants, call the exterminator more Omaha real estate agents trust at Bug-Z Termite and Pest Control at 402-991-4005 today!

Is treatment safe for my family?

Bug-Z Termite and Pest Control uses only the safest EPA registered pesticides. If safety measures are required, your Bug-Z pest control specialist will walk you through all necessary precautions.

How much does it cost?

Bug-Z Termite and Pest Control of Omaha offers standard pricing based on the treatment type and follow-up required.

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