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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are common pests that feed on people and animals and tend to live within eight feet of where people sleep.

What do bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs are flat red-brown, oval insects typically 4 to 5 mm long.

Nuisance or danger?

Bed bugs can be a huge nuisance and can easily be carried to new environments. If you believe you have bed bugs, call today and schedule an inspection.

Why do I have them?

Bed bugs are usually spread inadvertently by contact with or possession of infested clothing, furniture, mattresses and other belongings. If you live in a multi-unit building, you may want to consult the property manager, as bed bugs have been known to spread from unit-to-unit once introduced.

How do I know if I have bed bugs?

Bed bugs are often found where people spend extended periods of time, like bedrooms and home offices. Bed bugs can leave red, itchy bites on the skin and tend to leave distinguishing straight rows of bites. Bud bugs can often be seen along mattress seams if an infestation has occurred.

What should I do if I have bed bugs?

If you suspect you have bed bugs, call the exterminators at Bug-Z Termite and Pest Control to schedule an inspection at 402-991-4005. If a bed bug infestation is confirmed, Bug-Z Termite and Pest Control will recommend the course of action best suited for you and your household.

Are the treatments used by Bug-Z safe?

Bug-Z takes the safety of your family and pets very seriously. That’s why we only use EPA registered pesticides. Your Bug-Z Termite and Pest Control professional will discuss all necessary safety precautions.

Will treatment be costly?

Bug-Z Termite and Pest Control offers standard pricing for all termite and pest control services based on your home’s size and the treatment required.

Banish bed bugs today by contacting us today!