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Earwig - Bug Z Termite and Pest ControlEarwigs are nocturnal pests that move into homes in search of food or to escape changing temperatures.

What do earwigs look like?

Earwigs are typically about a half-inch in length, but can grow larger. They can be winged or wingless and have two antennae and distinguishing pincers.

Nuisance or danger?

While earwigs may look dangerous because of their pincers or forceps, they are not dangerous and do not bite.

Why do I have them?

Earwigs inside your home most likely indicate a much larger presence outside your home. When in search of food, they can frequently end up inside homes.

How do I know if I have earwigs?

Homeowners often find earwigs near water sources – kitchens, bathrooms and laundry spaces. While earwigs can usually be spotted near water, they can turn up in any area of your home.

What should I do if I have earwigs?

Earwigs like any insect need a source of food. If you find earwigs in your home, be sure to seal any food products, like cereal and pet food, to cut off any food sources. If you suspect you have an earwig infestation, call Bug-Z Termite and Pest Control to schedule an inspection at 402-991-4005.

Should I have concerns about treatments used?

At Bug-Z Termite and Pest Control, we only use EPA registered pesticides. Your Bug-Z pest control specialist will walk you through all recommended precautions and safety measures.

What does treatment cost?

Bug-Z Termite and Pest Control of Omaha offers standard pricing to save you money.

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