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“Do I need a termite inspection?”

The short answer is “Yes, definitely.” Your home is your largest financial investment, and billions of dollars of damage each year can be attributed to termites.

If you are seeking to buy a home, a termite inspection is required by most lenders or insurance companies. The inspection ensures there is no current termite activity in the home. If you’re wondering do I need a termite inspection by a professional, the answer again is yes. Professional termite inspectors can quickly and accurately assess whether or not your home needs to be treated for termites. A professional termite inspection usually takes between one and three hours.

How often do I need a termite inspection?

Unless it’s required more frequently by your insurance company, most homes will be fine with a termite inspection every 2-4 years. Older homes or homes with previous termite issues will need to be inspected more often, usually annually. Contact your local termite control service to determine the best frequency for your climate and home.

Do I need to be present during the termite inspection?

Your pest control specialist will provide you with useful information about your inspection, such as any areas that may need treatment and how best to proceed. A professional termite control specialist can also give you insights into how to best prevent further termite infestations.

If my house has been treated for termites, do I need to have another termite treatment?

Termites can return to previously treated homes. Most termiticides (pesticides that kill termites) give control for about five years, but if the treated barrier surrounding your home has been disturbed, your home could be at risk for another infestation.

I’ve heard of termite swarms. If I notice a termite swarm in my yard, do I need a termite inspection?

Termites can be confused with winged ants because both species swarm at the same time of year. If you’ve seen a termite swarm from an old wood pile or tree stump, it is likely that your home is safe, but if you notice swarming termites from your home’s foundation or an attached patio or porch, your home may have been infested.