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Spider LargeSpiders are unsightly pests, some of which are poisonous. Large numbers of spiders can indicate another infestation.

What do spiders look like?

Spiders have eight legs, two body segments. There are tens of thousands of identified species in many colors and sizes.

Nuisance or danger?

Spiders most prevalent in Omaha, Nebraska include common house spiders and two poisonous arachnids, the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider. Seek immediate medical attention if a brown recluse or black widow has bitten you.

Why do I have them?

Spider infestations often lack one particular cause, which can make eradicating a spider infestation difficult.

How do I know if I have spiders?

Spiders and their webs can often be spotted inside and outside homes. If you have a large number of spiders in your home, you may want to contact a professional exterminator.

What should I do if I have spiders?

Large numbers of indoor spiders may indicate the presence of other pests that spiders prey on. If you have large numbers of spiders in your home, call Bug-Z Termite and Pest Control at 402-991-4005 to schedule an inspection.

Are treatments EPA approved?

Bug-Z Termite and Pest Control uses the smallest amount necessary of EPA registered pesticides to ensure the safety of what matters most to you.

Is treatment a large financial commitment?

We provide standard pricing based on your pest control needs.

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